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If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been on Facebook or Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg would be a very rich man. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook and Instagram aren’t just about memes and casually stalking your exes. Although that certainly happens.

It also offers a wealth of data, which we leverage, to help your business stay in touch with current customers as well as reach out to new prospective customers.

Using advanced targeting tools, as well as a little know-how, we ensure your ads are shown to the people that matter most to your business. Because when it comes to converting leads into sales, it’s the quality of the leads that truly matter not the quantity.

Facebook and Instagram are in the business of making money and we’re in the business of utilising Facebook and Instagram to make you money. And then of course you pay us some money for being awesome. Everybody wins!



Facebook Ads 360

Whilst it's true that all men are created equal, the same certainly can't be said for leads. Some leads are like falling down a rabbit hole without the benefit of discovering Wonderland. Fortunately, our team of experts know the difference between fantasy and reality. That's why unlike the Mad Hatter we steer clear of making exaggerated claims. Our goal is not to overpromise and underdeliver but rather to create campaigns that deliver real results. We partner with you to ensure your ads are shown to prospects that are more likely to convert. Meaning you get leads that matter and we all live happily ever after.

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Facebook Leads

Facebook Management 360

The thing about hard work is that it's hard. That's why people prefer pre-maturely ageing themselves on the beach than sitting in a 6x6 foot cubicle watching the clock on their computer screen as their dreams and life slowly ebb away. The point is, if you've ever managed a Facebook page, you know it's not all sunshine, sour worms and slush puppies. There's content creation to think about, comments and messages to address, and building a community of advocates that are loyal to your brand. That's where our social media specialists come to the party. They'll do the hard work for you, while you sip on a cocktail and contemplate what canape to have next. They'll ensure your Facebook page runs like clockwork and that it is representative of your brand values.

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Amp Insta

Instagram Ads 360

Staying youthful isn’t only about using your favourite face cream from Clicks, it’s also about staying up to date with the platforms that can help you generate quality leads. So, while Instagram isn’t exactly a new kid on the block anymore, it does offer certain audiences that aren’t as prominent elsewhere. Thankfully, our team are quite modern (even if they don’t always look it) and are able to deliver exceptional leads through Instagram ads. While you focus on your moisturiser, we will attend to your marketing.

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Amp Insta

Instagram Management 360

The thing about time is that you will never get it back, so why waste it managing your company’s Instagram page? You are far better off creating small talk in the office kitchen or counting down the days until you are on leave. Thankfully, we are well-equipped to take your Instagram page off your hands because, well, we do it for a living I suppose. While it may seem like Instagram is only filled with selfies and scenery, it also contains a wide range of potential customers that your business can tap into. So, let us spend our time reaching these clients while you attend to everything else on your busy schedule. Our team of experts have what it takes to manage your Instagram and they have many hours of experience to prove it.

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