A successful digital marketing plan can be created in many ways. However, one thing that always remains true is that the most popular platforms are always going to deliver the best results due to the large number of users that use them every day. Of course, one of these platforms is the biggest search engine in the world, Google. Within Google, companies are able to manage their digital identity within Google Search and Maps. This is done by utilising a Google My Business listing.

Establish a Presence on Google

When you search for a particular product or service on Google, you will notice that the results sometimes include a list of companies with their contact information and location. These are well-optimised Google My Business profiles that have been expertly created in order to show up following relevant search queries. When done correctly, this can increase organic leads for your company through Google. Once a potential customer sees your Google My Business listing, they have the ability to call you, find your premises and visit your website. Your profile can also be used to share news, specials and photos. Furthermore, customers can also leave a review. This lets you build brand loyalty by responding directly to their feedback. There are many features that come with Google My Business. Each of them is incredibly advantageous as they can all have a positive effect on your Google search ranking. 

Optimise Your Google My Business Profile With iX

Running a well managed Google My Business listing takes time. And time, as they say, costs money. It is certainly possible for you to find some success if you do it on your own but to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, it's best to trust the experts. iX is an accredited Google Partner, so if we assist you, your profile will be managed by certified Google professionals. Our team will set up your business profile using proven best practices and monitor it on a daily basis. Beyond this, business posts will be created, your information will be checked to ensure it is accurate and any reviews/messages will be responded to promptly to help foster healthy client engagement.

Speak to us about our Google My Business services by giving us a call on 087 551 1446, or emailing us at sales@ix.co.za. With iX, your digital marketing strategy is in the right hands.