While some people consider their brand identity to be the floral button-up they wear on casual Friday, the definition is a little different for businesses. A company’s brand identity is who they are and how they are perceived by their audience. When done correctly, a strong brand identity helps you stand out from the crowd and effectively communicates the personality of your products and services.

Although you may think that a slick logo is all the brand identity you need, there’s a lot more to it. However, your company’s emblem certainly is a good place to start. During logo creation, you will be able to determine your brand’s key colours, design elements and more. This will likely flow into your website and social media pages as you begin to establish a clear vision for how you want your customers to view your business.

This is where brand recognition comes into play. For a strong brand identity, it is essential that consumers can quickly differentiate you from your competitors. Ideally, people will recognise your company thanks to style elements or colour combinations alone. Remove the signage and you can still identify an Apple Store thanks to its sleek modern interior. You may not be Tim Cook, but the same idea applies to your Instagram profile.

A well-constructed brand identity not only features the visual elements discussed above but also is comprised of a voice that an audience can grasp. Putting in the effort to create a strong brand identity will provide reliable communication across all aspects of your company. Whether it is the wording on your website or in-person interactions with your staff, it’s vital that your brand remains consistent, ensuring that consumers can recognise and relate to everything you communicate.

A powerful brand image helps build trust amongst new customers and ensures that returning ones continue their relationship with you. Clearly defining your identity creates a marketing environment where your audience feels safe, as they know what they can expect. Accompany this with quality products and services, and your advertising efforts are in an excellent position for success.

As is the case with marketing in general, it's best to develop your brand identity one step at a time. This will help ensure that your advertising plan remains focused with clear goals in place for the future. 

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