A website is an extremely vital element for any company that wishes to market itself effectively in the modern era. From displaying product information to contact details, a website can play many roles. One such benefit that can be generated is through the use of online specials and promotions. Deals have always been important for businesses and this trend has increased exponentially with the rise of digital marketing. 

What’s So Special About Online Specials?

Before we look at the digital side of things, we must first discuss why promotional offers work in general. The obvious truth is that people prefer to buy things at a discount as they will be saving money. The limited-time nature of sales creates a further urgency which often encourages buyers to redeem the deal before it expires.

Now, if we transfer this thought process to a website, there are many advantages that are only available online. Firstly, hosting specials on your website drives traffic. A user may visit your site with one product in mind but could end up staying as they browse other things that you have to offer. Secondly, many people prefer to shop online these days due to a variety of reasons, so failing to offer promotions on your website puts you at a disadvantage and allows your competitors to take the upper hand. In this vein, creating exclusive online specials allows you to elevate the significance of your website as it will become the only place where certain deals can be found. 

Taking a Look at the Traffic

In preparation for this article, we analysed the traffic data for a number of our biggest clients. These are websites with 20+ pages and many thousands of visits every month. For practically all of them, their specials pages performed exceedingly well and sat comfortably as one of the top five pages in terms of views. Only pages such as the homepage and contact us received more traffic. In addition to this, we learned that individual specials ranked highly as well. There were quite a few limited-time promotions that received more monthly visits than the standard pages on the websites. As a whole, we determined that specials sections are as popular as other vital pages. 

Creating The Ideal Deals

Once you consider these factors, a dedicated specials page on your website can be one of the strongest weapons in your marketing arsenal. As mentioned above, you will likely find out that more users visit your specials page over other sections. With all this in mind, it is important that your specials are created in a way that attracts the attention of potential customers. This is where Amplify360 comes into play.

Amplify360 offers expert design services that can help create banners that sell your products/services in no time at all. Our team has the skills and experience to know what your clients are looking for. With us, the specials page on your website will not only have incredible deals but will also be visually appealing thanks to our creative banner designs.

Get in touch with us today and begin to leverage the true potential of your company’s online presence. Speak to us by giving us a call on 087 551 1446, or emailing us at sales@ix.co.za.