While you may think that Facebook is now the home of marketplace scams and COVID conspiracies, the truth is that it is still the most popular social media platform in the world. People from many different age groups and cultures use Facebook every day as their chosen channel for news, memes and more. With this in mind, it makes sense to utilise one of its key features to your advantage.

Unravelling Facebook Reels

Following the trend of TikTok, Reels are Facebook's answer to the short-form video revolution. Often under 30 seconds and frequently edited using sound effects and graphics, over 140 billion Reels get played every day across Facebook apps. Users spend many minutes scrolling through Reels, enjoying the content as it passes by. Whether you use Facebook Reels to pass the time or are searching for a funny cat video to send to your boyfriend, there is no doubt that this captivating feature continues to be more and more popular.

Use Reels to Revitalise Your Marketing

To begin, one quick way to get your Reels campaign running is to repurpose other short-form content that you may have. If you already have a TikTok or Instagram account with valuable video content, go ahead and share them as Facebook Reels.

However, when it comes to original Reels, it is vital that you focus on the quality of the video that you are creating. Users often scroll through Reels at breakneck speeds, so you only have a few seconds to make an impression and grab their attention. Avoid blurry visuals and ensure that the content is an honest reflection of the brand you are trying to communicate. Catchy music and well-written captions are two ways to elevate the video’s quality. The right song will add some much-needed excitement and engaging text will go a long way to set the tone for the Reel overall.

When it comes to any aspect of social media, you need to be on top of trends if you wish to succeed. If you are even a week late on a particular trend, your brand may appear out of touch. However, when used correctly, trends are an easy way to create content that users are likely to interact with. Pay attention to the latest trends and use them to your advantage in a timely fashion.

Creating a marketing campaign that delivers positive results is not easy. It often takes time and effort. While you might prefer spending your day scrolling through Facebook Reels, we recommend that you put the work in if you wish to be successful on social media.

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