While Google may be the king of the internet for the time being, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for an up-and-coming prince here and there. Growing consistently in recent years, Microsoft Ads has proven to be an efficient avenue for advertising businesses in a cost-effective manner. This article outlines Microsoft Ads and why you should consider it for your marketing campaign.

As already touched on, Google owns the majority of the global search market. Although, coming in second is Bing. With each share being 84% and 9% respectively, you may think that this gap makes Bing a wasteland for digital advertising. You better think twice because Bing’s portion still equates to over a billion unique visitors each month.

Typically cheaper than Google Ads, Microsoft Ads provides you with many opportunities to target specific audiences at a reduced cost per click. Furthermore, the platform also comes with detailed analytics, letting you simplify the ROI tracking process and giving you everything you need to optimise your campaign. But this is just the start of the many benefits that come with Microsoft Ads. What many people don’t know is that Microsoft Ads don’t only appear on one website. Your ads actually appear across multiple sites including Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. 

Of course, the wide scope of Google is hard to turn down but by diversifying your campaign and including Microsoft Ads, you gain the opportunity to beat your competitors by reaching a whole new audience. Remember, each new Microsoft machine comes with Bing as the default search engine. Of course, many individuals will opt to download Chrome right away but the fact that Bing recently hit 100 million daily active users is good evidence to suggest that although the search engine might be the punchline to many jokes, it may very well be Microsoft that has the last laugh.

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